2Rebel: Triumph of individuality
Each of us is unique and each of us wants to attract attention. 2Rebel brand understands this well, that is why it has created a timeless collection that makes everyone who wears it visible in the crowd.

We are similar to each other, but at the same time so different from each other... We are united by values, ideals or tastes, but each of us is an individuality and is looking for his or her own way to show it. 2Rebel focuses on clothes that will make everyone feel special.

2Rebel is a rebellion against mass production, low-quality fabrics and workmanship as well as the creation of clothes for each season. That is why the 2Rebel collection is made of the highest quality fabrics (silk, wool, cotton), and in limited, unique series. We want our customers to wear the clothes as long as possible - with minor seasonal modifications.

2Rebel & 2Rebel Studio 

The brand presents two lines.

The 2Rebel line is a unique line of t-shirts and sweatshirts which are a peculiar game of graphic design for customers looking for uniqueness and clarity.
The creators of the brand create designs that break the patterns to create unique clothes from t-shirts perceived as casual.

T-shirts and 2Rebel sweatshirts are sewn from the best quality cotton by a boutique Polish manufacturer specializing in printing technology. We want the customers to enjoy 2Rebel products for as long as possible, for that reason with each purchase we include 2RebelBag - protective washing bag, and 2RebelBox, an ingenious packaging which makes every t-shirt a perfect gift.

2Rebel Studio. Respect for Craftsmanship.
The 2Rebel Studio collection (dresses, jackets, jeans) is created in an intimate and cosy atmosphere in a small highly experienced studio. All clothes, from the cut-out to the last seam, are made by one tailor or dressmaker. In 2Rebel Studio there is no room for mass production. The most important thing for us is choosing the best-quality fabrics (Italian wool, silk, viscose) and the talented hands that make up the exceptional clothing.
Get Back to What Matters  
2Rebel also means love for detail. That's why clothes from the 2Rebel Studio collection are decorated with beautiful,
original linings and hand-cast, unique 2Rebel buttons.
By wearing 2Rebel clothes, customers support small local European manufacturers, with many years of tradition in the industry and experience that allows us to create beautiful clothes together.
A socially engaged brand
We believe in corporate social responsibility, no matter how small the company. Therefore, 1% of the price of our sales is allocated for charitable organizations active in the field of the environment protection, education, and eradication of poverty all over the world. Every month one organization is selected to be supported by the brand together with its customers.
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